About Dr. Hemant Kanojiya


  • PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE: 22 Years of Advanced Endoscopic Surgeries
  • SIGNATURE SKILL & EXPERTISE:  Advanced Gynecological Endoscopic Surgery/ Pelvic Endoscopic Surgery
  • MBBS, TN Medical College, Mumbai University- 1996
  • Diploma Gynecology & Obstetrics, KEM hospital- 1998
  • MD Gynecology & Obstetrics, KEM hospital, Mumbai University- 1999
  • Diplomate of National Board (DNB), Gynecology & Obstetrics, New Delhi- 1999
  • Cadaveric dissection course for advanced pelvic endoscopic surgery at ISSA at Verona Italy-2019
  • Fellowship in Gynec Laparoscopy and operative endoscopy at BEAMS, Mumbai-2000
  • Trained in Advanced Gynecological Endoscopy in France at CICE, Clermont Ferrand- 2001


  • Lecturer and PG registrar at King Edward Memorial Hospital, Mumbai- 1999.
  • Teaching gynec endoscopy to fellow gynecologists, as part of BEAMS at ETHICON institute, including training on Lab animals, in Mumbai- 2000
  • Honorary and Expert medical consultant in Gynec Endoscopy at R.N. Cooper hospital and medical college Mumbai- 2017
  • Faculty at IMMAST Endoscopy training centre in Mumbai conducting Gynec Endoscopy workshops for national and international delegates.
  • Invited faculty at various National and International conferences.


  • Practicing as a Consultant Gynecological Endoscopic surgeon since 2000
  • Visiting various hospitals for advanced operative Gynec endoscopic surgeries
  • Performing laparoscopic minimally invasive surgery for-Frozen Pelvis, large fibroids and hysterectomies for large uterus, lap surgery for obese patients and patients with previous surgeries like Caesarean Sections and complex difficult Total Laparoscopic Hystrectomies
  • Advanced endoscopic surgery for Severe grade Endometriosis, Bowel and Ureteric Endometriosis and Radical Excision of Deep Infiltrating Endometriosis
  • Pelvic floor repair surgeries


  • Visited more than 50 hospitals as a Gynaec Endoscopic surgeon.
  • Hystrectomy for a 26 weeks uterus.
  • Total laparoscopy Hystrectomy for a patient with previous four Caesarean sections.
  • Total laparoscopy Hystrectomy for a patient with 3.5 kgs cervical fibroid.
  • Operated on an obese patient weighing 120 kgs.
  • Visited Kerala (Calicut), to demonstrate operative laparoscopies for difficult cases like 34-36 weeks benign ovarian tumor and lap. Hystrectomy for 16 weeks uterus with endometriosis.
  • Visited Haryana and Diu in Gujarat to conduct operative endoscopy camps.
  • Imparting training to fellow Gynaecs and helping them setting up endoscopy unit.
  • Held Panel discussions at various conferences.
  • Invited as a speaker at various conferences.
  • Invited as an Honorary visiting consultant by the Ministry of Health, Kuwait government to operate on 25 complex gynecological endoscopic surgeries in November 2021, 20 surgeries in March 2022 and 20 surgeries in September 2022. Invited at Al Jahra hospital in December 2022 for 20 surgeries.
  • Invited as operating faculty at the ISGE international conference in Morocco in May 2022.


  • Member of National Academy of Medical Science (MNAMS), New Delhi- conferred honorary membership in 2006.
  • Member of Indian Medical Association.
  • Member of IAGE, Indian Association of Gynec Endoscopist.
  • Member of FOGSI.



  • “Hysteroscopic Myomectomy”, National Conference on Fibroids- 2006
  • “Laparoscopic Hystrectomy for large Uterus”- Mumbai-2004. 
  • “Significance of retroperitoneal dissection in difficult TLH” at the AAGL, Mumbai 2016.
  • Debate on Conventional versus Office hysteroscopies- 2017
  • Management of severe haemorrhage due to Reimplantation of Ectopic Pregnancy Mumbai-2018.
  • “Pelvic Floor Repair” at the Thane Obs & Gyn Society – 2021
  • “When to Dissect more in a case of TLH” at the IAGE national conf-2021
  • “Significance of Pelvic Vessels” at IAGE 2022
  • “Laparoscopic Ureteric reimplantation for Isolated Vesico Ureteric Junction Endometriosis” at the ISGE international conference in Morocco -May 2022

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